Nuclear Sharks - Cuban Missle Crisis Secret Submarines

Posted by djchow
On October 1, 1962 four Russian Foxtrot submarines slip silently from their northern base near Murmansk on a top secret mission. Bound for Cuba, each carries a nuclear tipped torpedo capable of blowing up an entire aircraft carrier group.
If attacked, the commanders have been told to fire their nuclear arsenal. The Foxtrots leave on a mission to set up a base in Cuba. By the time they arrive they sail into a massive American military blockade that will bring the world to the edge of nuclear war.

This is the story only touched upon in the Hollywood blockbuster film Thirteen Days. The untold story of the underwater siege, with four submarines at the front line of a nuclear standoff.

It's a tale that takes you inside the heads of the Soviet submariners and their US Navy counterparts in an eyeball to eyeball confrontation.